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Will my credit score improve after paying a judgment?

not likely, it only shows you paid off an unpaid bill, it doesn't change your current habit of paying timely

No. The damage was done when the judgement hit your credit report. Paying it doesn't not help your score.

Yes it will improve but it only may improve a little and also depends on how much is owed and how old is the judgment.

“Transunion”. Not “transition”.

Uh a judgment is just another debt to pay. Pay it as due and it should never affect your credit score.

Somewhat, yes. I had 5 judgements against me. My credit rating was 637 and I was trying to buy a house in May 2016. I paid the judgements off and in a month, it shot up to 680. Move in date was August 2016. Last March, 7 months later (and 7 months of mortgage payments), my credit is now 751. So, yes, pay them off and your credit score will definitely improve. But if I never had the judgements in the first place, I could only imagine how good my credit score would be.

Before paying, be sure to get a statement from them saying they will remove it from your credit report if you pay it. Even if you don't do this, you can contact the credit reporting agency and explain that you paid it and they will remove it. They won't if you don't request it, because it isn't automatic. But, yes, it will improve your score. You can do this online with both credit reporting agencies

Not overnight, but overtime.


The issue is communications. If your credit score includes a record of the judgment, then paying it should start the process of resolving it. However, until the creditor reports the resolution, it will have no effect. You MIGHT ask them to please report that resolution.

Now, here is the kicker. If that was the ONLY thing on your credit score, it would have a big effect. But if it is one of many incidents, its effect will be diluted by the other problems that were not still resolved. ALSO, part of your credit score is your HISTORY and it takes a while for items to "fall off" the history.