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Why do people think gorillas are so strong?

I recently asked this question, and I feel as if many people misunderstood it. So let me attempt to clarify:

Gorillas are no doubt very powerful animals, but when it comes to the general public, most people think they have unequivocal, supernatural strength.

When asked at my office which creature would win in a fight, a lion or a gorilla, almost everyone answered gorilla and with certainty. Even if a gorilla COULD kill a lion, it most certainly wouldn't be easy.

Here were some people's explanations, "The gorilla could snap the lions back in two", "The gorilla would pick up a rock and crush it's skull", "The gorilla would hold the lion down and rip open its jaw". NONE OF THESE THINGS ARE PLAUSIBLE, yet people wholeheartedly believe them.

There's also a very common saying that goes, "800-pound gorilla". The biggest silverbacks will rarely push over 400 pounds. An 800 pound gorilla is just not physically true, yet people believe it.

Where does this false idea of gorillas come from?

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