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Thoughts on the name Dylan for a girl?

I adore it


I like it, it sounds very cute and unique! :)

Noooo, I don't think so......there is a comic called Dylan DOG.

you have to think of what cruel kids would do in school, with any name you saddle the kid with.

Of course everyone wants their child to be unique, but to name a girl a boy's name is not cute or unique or anything positive. Life is hard enough as it is. Bullying is at an all time high. Why on earth would a loving mother choose a boy name for her daughter, I have to wonder?

Why not teach your child to be a good and honest person. People will admire her for having those qualities more so than having to call her a boy name.

Those are my thoughts.

Dylan May


Don't like it very much in general but hate it on girls. Sorry.

My thought: Bob Dylan!!
For me it's a name for a boy. 🙎

No, I don't think it will fit, but that's what I personally believe. I don't like sexism or that you have to dress like a girl Bc you are a girl (for example) but I don't think male names fit females