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Do u think i will become anorexic on a 900 cal diet?

The minimum to maintain a healthy mind and body, the BARE minimum, is 1400 calories. Anything under that will cause you to physically and mentally deteriorate. It will be slow and it will be agonizing.
You would eventually become severely underweight, but not anorexic. Anorexia is a mental illness, as others have mentioned. However, anyone actually considering a 900 calorie diet is probably slightly mentally retarded.


900 calories is too low. You should have at least 1200

Nah 900 cal is really good. I ate 400 calories a day for 3 months and I gained weight

yes, provided that the person with the 900 cal. (per day) diet is a normal weighing adult, an average weighing female adult who does not do pyhsical work needs about 1450 cal. each day to keep the own bodys weight normal, an adult who works physicially, will need even more calories to keep the own weight normal.

no because being anorexic is a disease with eating and purging

Anorexia is a mental disorder where someone fears being fat. Anorexics usually give into their fears by avoiding food or eating very low amounts. They also overexercise and pretty much do everything they can to burn off extra calories, as well as count every calorie they consume.

If you are just restricting yourself to 900 calories a day then you are not gonna be anorexic in of it's self unless your mind begins to develop a fear of eating/gaining weight then yes, you will be anorexic. But if you're just restricting for the heck of it you will simply become unhealthily skinny and have no energy.

I am anorexic myself and I am getting better, I eat more than I used to do and stick to healthy foods as well as a decent amount of exercise. My goal now is to build muscle rather than lose more weight like I did before. However just because I do eat more does not mean my anorexia is "gone" or "cured".

It's there and will always be there. I need to stick to my healthy plan and not allow myself to starve anymore. I still keep track of calories but I do not obsess over it. I tend to stay between 1200-2000 a day. Sometimes I go a little over my budget but I know it's okay cause I can afford to gain weight.

If you eat only 900 a day and are doing so without medical supervision (some people must eat very low cals due to medical issues) then you WILL end up feeling weak and sick. The feeling of starvation is NOT fun by any means. Collapsing due to malnutrition is NOT fun.

Stick to a healthy, 1200-2000 a day diet and cut out all junk foods/soda. Exercise daily a decent amount and you will be healthier than ever! You'll also notice a huge boost in confidence. Don't starve yourself.

Anorexia is a disease, a mental illness. You can't get a disease by dieting. The average person need at least 1200 cals/day. More for a man. With only 900, you will become weak and probably get sick.

If you eat 900 Cal's your metabolism could slow down and after a while you will always have to eat about that many Cal's to lose anymore weight. That's not an enjoyable amount of Cal's to eat per day. So keep it reasonable so you can eat more and still lose weight without having to maintain that many Cal's on the long run

Anorexia is a mental illness. You won't become it at a certain weight unless you meet the mental health criteria for an eating disorder. 900 calories a day is a lot anyway