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Is 124 lbs too chubby for a girl?

I m 5 4, 32-24-32 and size 2.


Actually u're slightly overweigh

I'm 5'7", weigh 115 lbs. and I wear a size 2.

Your weight is perfectly healthy. However, you would not be able to fit into the all the size 2 clothes in my closets.


a way to tel if you are fat (no offence to anyone) is check your stomach. if ou stonach has a huge huge BULGE, then maybe.. unless you are bloated then no. pinch your lower belly, if you take a lot of blubber then: thighs. put your feet together but dont smush them together. you dont have to have a thigh gap but if your thighs are really pressed together along with your knees and you have a large body frame, then thats how you could tell. my idea but check an online BMI calculator 😶

Now, you know you aren't chubby. You're simply looking for attention so that people can tell you you're skinny and satisfy your ego.

yes, a lil


Yes, I think you are obese for a girl. Girls must weigh 40 pounds or less if they want to be beautiful. Also, about 10 years old. I love girls.... mmmm.... The younger, the better.... mmmmm

No!!! You are anorexic

No, you're not fat. You actually have the same measurements as me except my bust is 29. (lmao I'm flat chested). Obviously, if you're wearing extra small shirts and pants like me you are definitely not fat.