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How much money should I save out of each paycheck?

I start working at McDonald's next week. It's my first job and I'm 15. I want to start saving up for things, especially a car. What's a decent amount to save out of each paycheck? Thanks for help (also, I don't care if McDonald's is a sucky job or whatever. I can't work at very many places with me only being 15. Please keep all rude opinions to yourself. Thanks)

Spend as little as possible between each pay day and then transfer what is left to a savings account. If you set an amount it will either be impossible and you will go over or you will want to spend unnecessarily because u haven't spent as much as you were able to.

Save what you can.

$100. Maybe 2.

depend how you may received ,you can save all if you want stay hungry ,i want you save 4percent of the salary

Save at least 40% of your paycheck
Save 20% in a regular savings account towards your car,etc, save the other 20% in a long term savings program

as much as you can

Around 35%. It's not like u have any other major bills. Save now and u will be glad u did when u are 20 or 30 years old

5-25 percent

Ten percent is a good start-providing you don't spend it in a week or two on a video game. That's what Savings means. Save it!

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Probably 10%. Keep it realistic, and put it in an account you get charged for if you withdraw. Don't try to save too much money, at your age you should be having fun :). And be proud to work at maccas, I did too!