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Full synthetic or synthetic blend oil?

I am due for an oil change next month. I have 116k on a 2006 Chevy equinox. I'm trying to drive it to 220-250k miles. Would I be ok with synthetic blend and will that be enough to help get a lot of miles out of my car? Long answers welcome lol. Also, do I have to do a blend before full to ease the car into it?

Synthetic blend

Synthetic is usually recommended as it contains additives that are beneficial. That being said. Most synthetic blends are high mileage oil which is recommended for vehicles over 75,000 miles. High mileage meaning it contains additives meant to swell seals to prevent oil leaking. If the seals aren't leaking, I'd recommend full synthetic. My personal preference being Mobil 1

If you're going to keep that car/truck FOREVER, & give it to your oldest grandson when he's old enough, use full synthetic. If it's just another car, & you'll probably cycle-it-out of service in 3 or 4 years, regular old will do just fine. I have an '89 Mustang 5.0 stashed-away for my 11 year old grandson, and it ONLY gets Mobil 1 synthetic oil.




I saw a demonstration of oil types on Youtube. It was quite clear that full synthetic was superior under all temperature circumstances and when a little old / dirty. Well, that is my opinion.


Use Valvoline full synthetic and change it every 5000 miles.
I have 400,000 KM on my engine now and it's still going strong.
All my family uses the same and never has any problems engine wise.

Here's the deal on oil. I was a mechanic for 40 years. We all changed oil along with working on cars. I worked for a dealership and when someone came in and I changed oil and it had 3,000 miles or less on the oil, I saved it and the filter for my 2 cars. I never bought any oil for 20 years! The oil I saved was every weight and brand out there, but I mixed it all together and I ran it another 3,000 miles and I never had an issue with any of my cars pertaining to the engines or the oil. Never. And I drove one on used oil for 244,000 miles before selling it and it still ran great! Synthetic oil is just oil than can be run longer because it doesn't have refined crude oil mixed in with it to keep the cost of synthetics down. But being synthetic doesn't necessarily mean it is better than the other oils unless you don't like to change oil for long periods of time. Synthetics just lasts longer but costs more. There are still some that like to change their oil every 3,000 miles, Money wise, synthetics are just not for them.