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Do I need to begin a new paragraph when writing dialogue during a flashback?

These are very important questions! I am writing a short story for a writing contest and need some help.

My flashback only includes one line of speaking. Do I need have to have a separate paragraph for this one line? Or can I just add it in and then go back to narrating my story?
Much appreciated <3

Write with one thing in mind (among others, haha): clarity.

If it's confusing then make it clearer, perhaps by making it obvious it's a flashback or by separating it. Sometimes I include dialogue by two characters in the same paragraph. There's a reason for it. But, there will be ppl who say that you should NEVER do that. I ignore them. U know why? Because there are no limits to creative writing as long as it's clear and it works for what you've written, but also, because I can crack open several books on my shelf and read paragraphs and paragraphs of authors who do this, lol.

So: is it obvious it's a flashback? Is it clear? As long as the reader doesn't get confused. Of course, get some beta readers and see if more than 1 person mentions it negatively. If so, then it might not work as well as you think.

A 30 year (not referring to age) mid-list author is fond of saying this: You can do anything with your writing, as long as you make it work.

So, make it work.

If it's a flashback, it should be separate from the sections where the character is in the "here and now". So yes, it needs a separate paragraph. And dialogue should have a separate paragraph.

My question: if the flashback is only one line, does it need to be a flashback? I mean, Macbeth recalled the witches had predicted Banquo would sire a line of kings. Shakespeare did not call the witches back on stage to utter again "You will get kings, though you be none." Macbeth just spoke his thought aloud and sent for the assassins.