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I feel like I have no talent...?

I'm not good at sports.
I'm not good at drawing.
I'm not good at sewing.
I'm not good at anything, really.

I feel like I have absolutely no talent. To make it worse, all of my friends have recognizable talents. You look at Abby and can easily connect her to sports, or you look at Hannah and immediately connect her to drawing because those are their visible talents. I look at myself and can't find one. Not just a recognizable talent, but any talents. I realized this when I had to answer a question about my interests and hobbies, and I couldn't think of any. I asked my friends what my talents were and it took them all a few moments to think of one, and what they said didn't really strike me as a talent. They said things like being nice, and I know that's a good quality, but I don't think it's really a talent.
Don't tell me to try new things, because I have. I've tried everything that interests me or I'd like to have a talent like, but I was awful at everything.
Don't tell me to practice either, because I did practice. I do. I'm not getting any better.
Can you help?

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