Politics & Government » Law & Ethics » Florida Shooter converted to Islam. Are you amazed? or did you suspect this when the story first broke?

Florida Shooter converted to Islam. Are you amazed? or did you suspect this when the story first broke?

The man is mentally ill. He reported , in Alaska, that he was hearing voices. This isn't about Islam, it's about mental health reporting and treatment.

I did not know in the beginning, but I thought it was likely. There had to be some sort of motivation, and that is what it was. And it just reinforces that we have enough bad people in this country, we do not need to let more in.

Not shocked at all. When I saw that scraggly beard in the picture I was pretty sure I was right. As soon as I heard the news breaking I figured it was more likely than not that he was a mooseslime....

Do not worry our new king Trump will send him back to where he came from which I understand is Alaska

His stupid, ridiculous, silly monkey-beard gave him away. I'm wondering, however, when the government will take responsibility for dumping a dangerous mentally ill person loose on society... EVEN his family who are not psychoanalysts or psychiatrists or psychologists or mental health experts KNEW there was something wrong with him and the military that dumped him on society are going to pretend they didn't know? With all the past suicides and mass murders by returning vets... I wonder if those amphetamines the government feeds those who are going to battle has had some detrimental effects on returning vets (they are reported with the same symptoms as amphetamine long-term users/addicts).

no, but I know he listened to his demons......which people never discuss cuz they do not believe.......the powers that be lead us around like cattle and we are clueless........God told us in 1st Samuel 8 what would happen to us if we had a king, we'd be slaves and more, but we gave Him the finger anyways....too many pagans to compete with to think this thing out, we were jealous others had kings and we did not, it was just too stupid, but it was true, and hardly a soul reads the scriptures with understanding anyways.

It makes no difference if he converted to Islam or not - Obama paid him to do this.

@kalico. Go talk to the Duck Dynasty guys about how their being muslim is wrong. Beards, ya know. Clearly they are muslim. They're just hiding that fact.

This guy was NOT muslim. IF you knew how to read, you would know this.

Not surprised.

the fact that a beautiful religion is portrayed as evil and as a negative impact on our world because of a terrorist group breaks my heart everyday. isis is everything islam is not.