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First name and middle names ?

I lOVE Keira Knightly . I just adore her so much . I decided on Keira with the Spelling Kee-rah. The middle names are so confusing to select between then . I need your help . Two middle names is inherited through the generation of my family . For my fortune , My last name is Knight .

My suggestions :

Keira Elizabeth Helen
Kiera Jasmine Elizabeth
Kiera Charlotte Jane
Kiera Melody Elizaebeth
Keira Ivy Elizabeth

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Keira Ivy Elizabeth

Kiera Elizabeth Celeste

Keira Elizabeth Helen flows well and looks lovely.

Kira Melody

Kiera Charlotte Elizabeth

Keira Ivy Elizabeth

You mean the pronounciation Kee-rah?

Keira Elise Melody / Keira Melody Elise
Keira Lillian Charlotte
Keira Jane Elizabeth

Best of luck.