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Can time exist without the substance of space?

Petr Horava's theory claims a splitting of time from space occurs at very high temperatures; if so, the answer to your question is "yes." If this kind of reasoning is incorrect, then time as derivative of quantum geometrizations at the Planck level is one of the other kind of preferred theories, another being Einstein's, and the answer then is "no."


Time is man made substance exists with or without time . because there is change man simply likes to time change


Space is the substance that is necessary to float mass structures.. Hence Without Space there would be no gravitational phenomenon.And without the gravitational phenomenon Time would not exist either.

Therefore there must exist in space different Time potential levels,which are congruous with the gravitational potential levels of space. Thus relatively speaking,time is space and space is time. If a micro mass particle of a constant dimension was moving and traversing the different time potential levels of Space it would experience changes of velocity accordingly ,and the particle of light would be no exception. .

Basically a metric describes any quantity that relates to the Pythagorean Triangle. Thus it relates only to motion in a straight line..Basically velocity of motion cannot be linearly measured on a curve.
Actually we can measure distance but not time simultaneously. This is where the Heisenberg
Uncertainty Principle applies.

That means we can find relativity in measuring distance of oscillation, and we can find relativity in measuring oscillation time .But not both at the same instance. Thus its either one or the other but not both.

It was Stephen Hawking that explicated the nature of time in his book"a Brief history of time".
He indicated that time has a shape of a Pear in the physical Universe.

Eisntein Used Tensors in his Field Equation of General relativity. The ratio of the Space Curvature Tensor and the Stress Energy Tensor proved to be a Constant . That Constant was none other than Newton Universal gravitational Constant. Thus Einstein associated gravity to the curvature of space.
Consequently if space had a curvature so did Time.

Eisntein belief and objective is that he tried to Understand our Creator and His Creation. He did try very hadrd to formuclate a General equation that would both expalain gravity field and magnetic field into one equation that would take all forces of nature into a common denominator.

His approach was mathematically deterministic as opposed to Quantum mechanics whose approach was mathematically probabilistic.


Space isn't a substance it is an elasticity. Time is also elasticity. Can a rubber sheet stretch left to right and not forward and back?

Does time exist? Or is it a quality of existence? Things exist in time and space rather than time and space exists?

Even nothing has to pass the time.

Time cannot exist if there is nothing "happening"...some motion of energy or matter that requires space in order to propagate.

No. Nothing could exist without the substance of space. Everything is stardust, including time..

Where else could it possible exist?

Space and time are two different parts of the same thing. Events cannot occur without time or without space in which to happen.