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Can your breast milk go bad in your boobs?

So I haven't breast feed or pumped for like 3 weeks but I still have milk is it OK to try and breast feed again or could my milk be bad?

It can't be bad.

Well, no, but YOU could get very uncomfortable. You should keep pumping, even if you don't use it, or it will start to go away. Try it, but it may be diminished a bit in the beginning. It may come back though.

Yes,check the expiration date.You will have to get someone to help you because it's printed on the underside.

Yes, of course you can try to breast feed again if you still have milk and your baby will benefit from it so much. Breast milk takes a long time to dry up completely and it does not go bad. because it hasn't been exposed to the air at all.

not bad. may not still be producing though. milk from 3 weeks ago doesn't just "sit" in there.

No your milk will not be bad

Yes go for it! Breast milk does not go bad. You may have some supply issues to work out but you can most definitely start breastfeeding again.