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If i dry up my breast milk will my boobs still be big?

I just had my baby 10 days ago and i chose to breast feed, but he wont take the breast so i have to pump and feed it to him through a bottle. It just takes up too much time to pump so ive chose to dry up my milk and just give him formula. My boobs have never been big and i like the size they are with the milk in them but i just dont want the milk. If i dry it up will my boobs be small again or will they atleast be somewhat bigger then before?

They will go back to normal. I nursed all 3 of my kids & always went back to normal once I stopped.

they go back to the size they were before, and maybe a little stretched out

More than likely they will go to back to the size they were before. I just had my son on Christmas day and I breastfed for 9 days and I had to give it up. It has been a week and my breasts are almost back to normal. Let me warn you the first couple of days that you quit are going to be extremely rough. Wear a tight bra and keep breast pads on. You are going to be extremely engorged and it is going to hurt really bad. As the time goes on you will slowly become unengorged and it will start to hurt alot less. I am 8 days past when I stopped and I am still tender but it doesn't hurt nearly as bad as it did. You can slowly do the drying up process by letting off some of the pressure each day by expressing by hand in a warm shower or you can go cold turkey like I did and it doesn't take as long. You can use ice packs for the pain or I have heard using cabbage leaves works too. I didn't try either, I was already on tons of pain meds and they helped. They say if you quit cold turkey you can get mastitis which is an infection from plugged milk ducts, but it is not guaranteed it will happen. I didn't get it and my SIL didn't either. Good luck to you.