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How can I overcome self-hatred?

What can I do to stop self-loathing?

I am 25 and I don't like myself and I feel very bad about myself because I am ugly, unattractive, shy and isolated.

Shyness, inferiority complex and lack of self-confidence destroy my life everyday.

This self-hatred is characterized by feeling bad about myself, self-depreciation, self-rejection, lack of initiative for myself, ignore myself, and self-sabotage.


I feel like a damn crap. I want to get rid of that

How can I love myself?

Where to start?

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Start with your doctor.

Self hatred can be caused by "attachments", which are like demons. You can get rid of them many ways: say prayers, have a person from church cast them out by a prayer (you do not have to be religious) meditate, counseling, admit yourself to a treatment center. Just get to know yourself better.