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When do you receive a title for a car you bought with a loan?

2 ways: Either when it is issued, it will come to you showing a lien holder. Then, when the loan has been paid, you will receive a "Satisfaction of lien" document which must accompany the title. ...........or.....more popular now, the lien holder will hold the title until the loan is paid off. When the loan is satisfied, they will send you the (clean) title.

You'll have to ignore a whole lot of the answers you've received. The whole "lender owns the car" thing is a myth most of the time, but it's one that refuses to die.

There are contracts where the lender / lessor owns the vehicle, but that's always fully disclosed in writing as part of the contract. A title loan is a perfect example (and a stupid idea), because it gives the lender legal ownership of your vehicle when the contract is signed.

Most loans, however, do not assign ownership to the lender. The lender will register a lien against the vehicle if the vehicle is used as security on the loan, but that too has to be stated in writing in the loan contract A lienholder isn't an owner, or even co-owner, of a vehicle. A lien means the vehicle can't be sold or transferred without the lienholder's permission, and that's where their authority begins and ends. A lienholder can file for repossession if the borrower defaults on the payments, but that's a whole different clause in the contract. If the loan is unsecured, the lender can't register a lien on the vehicle.

Figure out where you live (laws vary by jurisdiction), then figure out what kind of loan you have. You may have to do a little homework on that second thing, but do it anyway. If you're signing a finance contract (or any contract), you need to know what you're signing.

depends on the state,in some you don,t get it till the loan is paid off

When you pay it off.
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Loan to up.

So what happens if you have been waiting for over 4 months and the lender has no answer for you?


When you pay it off & tye creditor releases the title to you.

within minutes of you making the final payment... if you go to the designated office of the title's lien holder...
otherwise about a week or two in the mail from the time the final payment is entered into the books of the lien holder...
[experienced, both ways}

loan to up...