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Girl name with brothers Silas and Jesse?

Open to other names too and opinions
-Aurora Rose

Below is the recommendation and reference answer for question "Girl name with brothers Silas and Jesse?" It was collected and sorted by the editor of this site but not sure the answer is entirely accurate.

Silas Jesse and Delilah/Lilah
Silas Jesse and Alma [really like that combination]
Silas Jesse and Gwendolyn/Gwen
These are the girl names from your list that I think go well with the brothers.

My total favourite is Opal, not only a fabulous gem but equally a fabulous name too that is hardly used these days. Hope this helps.


I like Silas, Jesse and Naomi the best.

-Aurora Rose , lovely but a little cliché. I would prefer to see Aurora with a different middle, or use Briar!
-Lyra - Very pretty and looks darling with your sons.
-Delilah - While I like the sound of this, I prefer the similar name Delia.
-Alma - nice, but a lot more dated than your son's names. I think it would be refreshing, but bold.
-Gracelynn - Like Grace itself better. This sounds nice, but people tend to judge names with -lynn tacked on. Have you thought of Gloria?
-Harmony - Nice! I have always enjoyed this name. I slightly prefer Cadence and Melody though.
-Naomi - tried and true, a lovely name and a lovely story. I do like Noemi too.
-Marnie - Cutesy. Not a bad name, but a little country compared to Silas and Jesse. Usable though.
-Payton - Totally different style than Silas and Jesse. I like the name, but not in this scenario.
-Gwendolyn - Nice. I prefer Genevieve if we are talking long G-names. But this is an awesome name.
-Elliott - oo, on a girl? I like the liveliness!!
-Opal - A darling choice. Pearl would make more sense with the biblical theme, but Opal is a nicer name.
-Lorelei - Eh, I am so-so on this name. I think Laurel is prettier.

My suggestions:
Mariah / Moriah

hope that helps!

Erin or Claire

-Aurora Rose: I don't like double names, but Aurora alone or Rose alone works.
-Lyra: Gorgeous. Either pronunciation works for me (Lye-rah or Lee-rah) It's stunning and works well.
-Delilah: Not my favorite but nothing's wrong with it.
-Alma: Too old fashioned sounding for me, but still it's fine
-Gracelynn: I don't like it. Grace or Lynn would work though. I like the spelling Gracelyn better
-Harmony: Eh. How about Melody?
-Naomi: Adorable, I love it
-Marnie: It's ok
-Payton: It's ok, I like Peyton better
-Gwendolyn: Gorgeous
-Elliott: I don't like it for a girl, suggestions: Ellis, Eliana, Ella
-Opal: Stunning, unique, and underused, I love it
-Lorelei: I love it, reminds me of Gilmore Girls. I like Laurel or Laura as well.

My favorites are Lyra, Naomi, Gwendolyn, and Opal.

Hope this helps! :)

I really like
Silas, Jesse & Harmony
Silas, Jesse & Elliot
Silas, Jesse & Payton

I suggest
Silas, Jesse & Belle
Silas, Jesse & Nadia
Silas, Jesse & Maelie
Silas, Jesse & Cecily
Silas, Jesse & Etta
Silas, Jesse & Ayla
Silas, Jesse & Margot
Silas, Jesse & Valerie "Val"
Silas, Jesse & Ruby
Silas, Jesse & Harper
Silas, Jesse & Avery
Silas, Jesse & Hadley
Silas, Jesse & Marlowe
Silas, Jesse & Nellie
Silas, Jesse & Ivy
Silas, Jesse & Madeline "Maddy"
Silas, Jesse & Gigi

Harmony Opal
Naomi Sage
Delilah Naomi

Aurora is great but Aurora Rose has a lot of R in it
I alson like Naomi and Gwendolyn
Other names: