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Is sexuality genetic?

If you are asking if sexual orientation (gay vs straight) is genetic, the answer is "yes", but there is no such thing as a "gay gene". Also it is possible that gayness is a result of a combination of biological as well life experiences.

The current scientific consensus is that homosexuality is largely due to epigentic factors. This means whether you are gay or straight may depend upon which genes are turned-on and which genes are turned-off. It also seems to be related to how your brain is hardwired. The neural pathways in the brain seem to play a lesser role.

it is complex part of childhood studied in psychology

No, it was not passed down by parents, so it's not genetics, it's not a choice however, we're not all identically similar in every non choice way to our parents

It may be.

Contrary to PC thinking, the jury is still out on this one.

Yep. But how it gets expressed is also impacted heavily by upbringing, especially in the very early years, as strange as that sounds at first.

Apparently not primarily. Schizophrenia susceptibility is genetic but so widespread that who gets sick is more environment based. DNA plays a role in the susceptibility to homosexuality but distress in the womb is the environmental trigger. Later children are much more likely to become gay males. The triggers for lesbianism are not that well known yet but I think Donald Trump has something to do with it.