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Are we English ready for the snow?

The snow us upon us.Today I told my groundsman to ensure their is enough coal and my pantry is fully stocked.
I do rather hear the wind. I might stay indoors it gets to ones bones when you reach my age.
A nice roaring fire and a Sherry me thinks.Normally Wednesdays a wine day but one has choice. Tomorrow I might buy the lovely rugby boys that my nieces son knows a meal.These Welsh are a lovely lot once you get to know them.

AKA; are we (around the M25) '...ready for the snow?
Get it right!

No' like we Sco'ish are.

That Sherry sounds great . You'll probably want to talk about it in Beer Wine & Spirits - not Philosophy.


I dont see how your location of birth matters when it comes to one's opinions...


Maybe you and the groundsmen should get cheeky by the fire to keep warm.

We never seem ready, we get snow most winters but it always paralyses our road and rail systems, causing shortages in shops. and making many housebound, schools, factories and offices all close. Other countries always seem to manage better. I have seen TVnews items from Russia, Canada, and the Scandinavian countries, all who get more snow in a normal winter than an unusually severe British one and all manage better. It is -18 in Moscow at present, but in London it is given to get no colder than about -2 to -5 but if previous experience is anything to goby, London will be paralysed.


only if its the right kind of snow

that is- not cold, not slippery and when you squash it it dont turn to ice

(once lived an a place for 4 years but it only snowed once - a monday morning
It was only 1/4 each deep but the roads were chaos
than heaven it melted by midday cos it was the wrong kind of snow)

Ah, yea.