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Xbox One S Vs PS4 Slim, which one is a better value?

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Ps4 with a new tv will be glad to have both to get the most out of the ps4

the value depends on what games you'll play, period. we can't tell you that value. YOU have to do your OWN research. find out what exclusives you want to play - halo for Xbox One, or Uncharted on PS4. Each console has more exclusives, so do some research on which ones you'd like more.

you can watch twitch streams reviews and lets plays on YouTube, and read articles.

I have an Xbox one because I love Halo. I had a original, a 360, and now a Xbox One. plus, a good size of Xbox 360 games work for free (as long as you own them) on Xbox One via backwards compatibility. both disc and digital versions work.

on PS4, not only do you have to pay for online gaming, same as Xbox One, you have to pay for PS Now, which is their version of backwards compatibility. to play there older PS3 games, they are only purely digital, it's $45 / three months, and you need constant internet connection to stay connected to the streaming service.

you need to take the time and do some research on what games, features, and which ones you're friends play on most. then you decide. otherwise, you may regret it. each console is around $300, so look for deals and bundles of what games you'd want first.

The Xbox One S has a 4K Blue Ray player and supports HDR that alone puts it in the lead.

In terms of monetary value, (can't remember which is cheaper off hand) that would be the better value.

The games are equal in price
The online access costs are equal

The one that plays the games you want to play is the better value.

After all, the worst thing you can do is buy a console only to leave it to collect dust due to there being no games you want to play for it.

Wow there's a Xbox one s cool I guess a Xbox one s

Think about the games you want to play. Both console have their own exclusive games. In term of price, it is not different maybe just a slightly deducted a few dolar from different retailer