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Does liability cover hitting a deer?

A deer ran across the road and I couldn't avoid hitting it. There was a police report and everything I'm wondering if liability insurance will pay to get my car fixed?

Of course not. Liability covers YOUR liability to other people you cause damage to.

No. You need "Collision coverage" (you know ...the higher insurance package).

Liability covers other peoples property (or the people themselves)NOT YOUR DAMAGE.


You need comprehensive coverage. Call your auto insurance company and put in the claim.

Your liability insurance does not cover anything that you do to your car. It only covers what you do to someone else. So if the owner of the deer sues for the damage to the deer, then your liability insurance might be able to cover that. But it cannot cover any repairs to your own car, for any reason.


When you hit a deer, your claim is filed under comprehensive insurance. But if you swerve to miss a deer and crash, it is a collision claim.
Although a deer may have started the chain of events that led you to crash the car, if your vehicle didn’t actually have contact with the animal, it isn’t a comprehensive claim. If you collide with another car or an object (such as a guardrail or tree) or roll your vehicle, the claim for your damages falls under your collision coverage.
Will the state pay for the damage, or for my deductible?
No. No states will pay for repairs to your vehicle, or even your deductible, if you hit a deer. Yes, your state may have an agency to manage the deer population, but it’s not as if they can prevent deer from running into the roadway, especially during mating and migration season.

no... you need "collision coverage" (you know .........the higher insurance package)...

liability covers other peoples property (or the people themselves)not your damage...

no......... you need "collision coverage" (you know ...........................the higher insurance package).........

liability covers other peoples property (or the people themselves)not your damage.........

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No, your liability will never pay out to YOU.

If you didn't buy comprehensive insurance, which covers damage from hitting an animal, you are uninsured. Keep in mind, in some states, if you have collision, but not comprehensive, the collision would also pay for the damage - minus your deductible, of course.