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What do you think of the name Beatrice?

Nickname - Bea

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It's a good name

I like the name and the nickname

This is a very old and historical name. Warm, rich and extremely beautiful. Love the nickname too. Hope this helps.

not bad

I really like this name, especially the nickname beatie

kind of old-fashioned, in my opinion

I thought of my favorite childhood book Junie B. Jones she never liked her middle name Beatrice. Also, it reminds me of a fairy tale kind of name. But it is not to say in a bad way.

Beatrice works, Bea does not. I'd go with Trixy.

Evokes an older lady but is quite dignified if not cute.

I hate "Bea"...not just because I never know if it is "bee" or "bee-uh"

love it...

it's pretty, classic and recognizable... bea is darling...