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Can freedom exist without a philosophy of equality and inclusion?

Because if we start a society of freedom with a complete free for all, the bigots are free to take over and take away freedom from "the others" and keep the freedom for their "own kind", aren t they?

But if we, then, try to control bigotry... is there really freedom?

Is freedom truly a possibility??

How can bigots be allowed to be free to control, and on the other hand, how can we control bigots from being controlling, if we have to be controlling, ourselves, to maintain the freedom for those that the bigots want to control??

I never thought about it. I had bills to pay. So any freedom I had needed to address my problems and fix them. Seems I managed somewhat. Poorly at best. But at any rate, that is what I get for having too much freedom. I wasted my time when I should not have.

Thought creates reality and because you can control your thoughts, you can control your reality. Your subconscious mind is designed to take your conscious thoughts and create a reality congruent with them. In the same way, there is a collective conscious which has a collective subconscious creating a greater reality. That which is adopted by the majority becomes a greater reality and when it changes, there is a shift in the collective conscious. Individual creation of reality based on thought can ignore the collective shift in consciousness and create a reality congruent with the way of thinking they hold on to. Because no one can create in another's reality, one might be able to influence the collective conscious but not create reality that is not accepted by the whole.

So freedom exists no matter what and one's subconscious along with the collective subconscious will always support a reality congruent with your predominant conscious thoughts.

Living life loving would be a freedom.


There is no such a thing as freedom its just a catch cry to fool those who do not think Without parameters ---everything is permitted ---thugs become King The government Deregulated meat pies now you do not know what is considered meat or how much of it is in the pie . Sounds funny but look what happend when the government deregulated the Wall St banks millions lost their homes and jobs ,some never recovered while the banks got richer

The founding fathers got it pretty close to perfect with the Constitution. For any gray areas, there's the non-aggression principal. Done and dusted.

But then you wouldn't be free of inequality or exclusion.

this is a "is utopia possible" q......... philosophy................................. arts n humanities

your axioms shall keep you firmly stuck in the middle of a philosophical nowhere

but then you wouldn't be free of inequality or exclusion...