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Will you take your bike out if the weather is between 50-60 degree?

It's gonna be 55 degree this Sunday, and I wanna ride so bad. Will people think I'm crazy if I take my bike out? I have seen a Harley dude riding in 30s degree weather, and my whole family in the car said he's insane.

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Yes, if temps between 50-60 degrees. Unfortunately temperature in Wisconsin now is about 20 degrees, there is glare ice on roads and cycle are tucked away about 10 and 20 miles away from apartment. SO, looks like March at earliest before I will be able to get back on road, about the time the bears come out of hibernation.

I ride a Harley with no faring or windshield. My cut-off point for riding with respects to temperatures is approximately 41 degrees F (5 degrees C) with a full face helmet and dressed accordingly. It's comfortable, if you're dressed properly. The bike sounds even better in the colder temperatures.

50 degrees if 30 degrees over the "unpleasant level".

I don't love to ride when it's 20 degrees, but I have. 40 is better, anything over 50 and I am a happy rider.

yes i think you can ..........nothing is impossible

Temperature is only one consideration, and a personal one. For me, 40 degrees is about it. Air cooled engines don't reach proper operating temperature for maybe ten miles or more when it's that cold. Motorcycle tires are designed for a narrower operating temperature range, and have significantly less grip when cold. The other factor that determines when I ride is the amount of salt and sand on the road, hand washing salt off anything in cold weather isn't a pleasant task when it's cold. I'm comfortable at 50-60 degrees and it's dry out, but someone from, say, Florida, might not feel the same way.

go for it!!

It's perfect! Be careful.

I had to ride for 3 - 4 days in the 30s because my bike was the only thing that ran.

if you care what other people think you shouldn't even have a motorcycle...
on my scoot, with termoscud and muffs, i am totally comfortable down to 40 degrees...

Question: Will you take your bike out if the weather is between 50-60 degree?
Short Answer: Yes,

Long Answer: I am 68, have heart disease, have had a triple bypass, too late and the heart was damaged and I have an Ejection Factor of 23%. Normal EF is about 70%, which means my body runs at 1/3 speed. My blood does not reach to my hands and feet go numb easily.

In the 80's, I am warm
In the 70's it is cool, but I can still ride without a jacket
In the 60's, I wear my light jacket
In the 50's, I wear my heavy jacket
In the 40's, I add Tucano Urbano Termoscud (leg cover) and Bar Muffs (hand covers) to the heavy jacket and I can still ride. Last Winter I did. This Winter I have not needed the cold gear. (today we got into the 90's!)
In Los Angeles, in the 30's the homeless are freezing to death.