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I've been itchy please help!!?

Okay so my scalp is itchy it's not usually this itchy.. It's winter and a lot of people
Say that people get itchy scalp in the winter.. I don't think I have lice I've only been around my little cousin she hasn't been itchy and my friends they hadn't been itchy just all of the sudden I've been really itchy at the back of my head at the top pretty much everywhere.. I've have been itchy on my neck (the front) and chest area but that kinda stopped after i took a shower the next day but sometimes it starts.. the itching on my scalp started when the itching on my neck (front) and chest area started but the itching on my scalp is still on.. It has gotten better during the day but it's been happening for about 3 days now does anyone know why this is happening please help ?

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