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Which name for a boy and girl out of these?

Narrowing down our revised baby names.Please select one combo for each gender you would most likely prefer over the other.While you may not like any,please pick the one you dislike the least.Eventully we will narrow down the list by having people vote until we reach "the one" for each gender.Thank you so much for those who try to help.All these names have meaning to us so please respect that.Names be common to you or even more unique or uncommon.Please be honest without being to rude

No switching names please.Please pick ONE out of each gender.I added more to make it faster.

Boy-Samuel Henry or
Michael Alexander or
Wilfred Francis or
Jack Joshua or
Wyatt Zachary or
Kyle Dustin

Girl-Charlotte Rose or
Quinna Brittney or
Jewel Jenny or
Sapphire Chloe or
Jessica Isabella or
Danielle Christine

Thank you for those who help.

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I don't like any of the guys names. There's absolutely no flow to them as well.

But I guess I'll pick Michael Alexander

And I either like the first or middle name for girls but not both together. Little flow unfortunately.

But I'll go with Danielle Christina

If I was putting names together I'd do

Samuel Dustin
Charlotte sapphire

boy - samuel henry
girl - charlotte rose

i adore both of these names... they are perfect...

Michael Alexander
Charlotte Rose

Samuel Henry
Charlotte Rose

wyatt zachary and charlotte rose

michael alexander & charlotte rose

For a boy, I like Samuel Henry. For a girl, I like Charlotte Rose.

wyatt zachary and charlotte rose

wyatt zachary and charlotte rose

samuel henry and charlotte rose