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Quite the opposite. Of course that only applies to US citizens, and Trump will live up to his oath of office or get impeached.
No more BS like we had the last 8 years.

Wait and C.

We have to wait and see but if he is harmful to blacks he will be harmful to whites too.... Who wants to live in a country of live racism like in the America of the 60s ? ? -Everyone will lose.

It looks as though he will be harmful to the whole world in general.

Yes. And non-millionaire caucasians. And women. And the non-millionaire sick. And the non-millionaire injured. And the non-millionaire elderly.
There aren't many left over, are there?

as a black person myself i would say that donald trump will definitely not be that much of a threat but it's just going to be more of the people who think they're superior now that donald trump is in office and say that whites shall rule over america again and shall try to make a harmless minority feel like they're in hell

NO,not at all.I am convinced he will do a lot for respectable blacks. He will do a lot for everyone

I think that they can't expect the preferential treatment that some groups have come to expect but I don't think that he will be harmful to them particularly

Media hype and over active.. corporate media ever since he said USA companies can not make bumper profits by shifting factories to Populated countries like China .. it is loby work

donald trump shall be harmful to america, even bigots are gonna know he was a bad move...