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Church shooter DYLAN ROOF SENTENCE TO DEATH. should the death penalty be repealed across the nation?

Dylann Roof Is Sentenced to Death in Charleston Church Massacre


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You're all mistaken, thinking death is a punishment. Death would be the end of his misery. He should live to be 106 getting punished (beatings, violent butt sex, multiple times daily).

hell no it shouldn`t...that is a big deterent to the criminals

death penalty should be entirely abolished?
No..no...no. it is necessary for the discipline. It is the only possible way of effective defending human lives against the unjust aggressor.... Yes, Life is so precious only for those who respect it....Yes there are so many reasons why he did it in the first place...It is human error....Bible 101

not so far for this story life is so precious even it created negative feelings, but still you will wonder why? :

I agree with Dylan getting the death penalty BUT I believe that as a matter of public policy the death penalty should be entirely abolished. This may sound contradictory but let me explain.

Ideally we should only do the death penalty when the crime is the most heinous and when there is absolutely no doubt, not even a seemingly unreasonable one as to the person's guilt.

However, it's impossible to write a death penalty law so that it would be impossible to sentence an innocent person to death. Doesn't matter how you word the evidentiary standard. You could say "beyond any and all doubt" it still wouldn't eliminate the possibility of jurors making a mistake. So I think as a matter of public policy we shouldn't have the death penalty. That abolishing the death penalty means monsters like Dylan Roof would get to live is worth it if it means saving innocent people from being executed.

However, since the death penalty is currently on the books had the jurors voted against the death penalty they would not have protected any innocent people as that wouldn't have stopped future juries from approving the death penalty in future cases (whether the convicted was innocent or not). Only repealing the death penalty as a sentencing option can prevent wrongful executions. Since it's on the books and we know for a fact he's guilty and since his crime is that heinous I'm glad Dylan Roof was sentenced to death.

well, why do we even have the death penalty when they just sit on death row for decades? as said above, in cut and dry cases, from verdict to death should be streamlined to a month at most... they don't need to be wasting even any precious clean air we breathe in let alone tax dollars or resources... well, why is charles manson still alive??? we're paying out the **** in medical expenses to keep this murderous madman alive???? seriously people? our society has been sheltered so significantly and "protected" from the facts of life... people do disgusting thing and need to be held accountable... they don't waste any time convicting and throwing a drug user in jail for a crime that only affects them while they watch a dealer sell it to them and not go after the dealer at all... this war on drugs is a cash cow for local municipalities, to private prisons, "rehab facilities", etc... and they get right to it so why night just hang the clearly guilty in the streets for all to see to remind people that if you want to take a life, yours shall most certainly end as well... it isn't a thing about civility or human rights, it's 'cause we are a country of pansies and are a joke to the rest of the world...

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yeah! when shall you people realize that there's no proof of hell or heaven... at one time i favored the death penalty... then two events in my life changed my belief... first, the memory of the fu%king sneer on timothy mcveigh's face during his sentencing made my eyeah water in anger when i visited the memorial in oklahoma city... second, i was hired by a prison as the technology coordinator... i saw hell from the inside... mcveigh got off to easy and now it seems roof shall too... have you seen what hell has done to charles manson?

My argument for execution - Name one criminal ever who was executed then later committed a repeat offense. No mythical or religious figures just historical ones.

My argument for using life in prison not execution - It costs more to process someone through death row than to keep them in prison for life.

i usually would say i oppose the death penalty but when dylan roof got sentenced to death i wanted to have a party...

Yes. It's so much more expensive to execute than life without parole, due to all the appeals (despite these it still very possible some innocent people have been executed).If it remains it should be up to the convict to decide to accept the death penalty.

no, i believe life in prison if done properly is a much more severe punishment

if dylan were to get a death sentence, that would mean he'd be sheltered inn a private cell for the remainder of his life...

then given potentially painless death via ๐Ÿ’‰ injection...

if dylan gets life behind bars without parole!

he would not only have to share a cell with a guy who would possibly beat the ๐Ÿ’ฉ out of him every day ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

he would have a very rough time getting by with other inmates... prisoners with ๐Ÿšผ-faces such as dylan are first to be picked on for they look weak...