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Can you fix anything with a sledgehammer?

sure can

the dope dealer who cheated you.

Proper term for them is hand me the big micro tuner. Used to adjust or move stuborn parts in most all.

Pretty much.

But too many cack handed people about cannot handle their hammer with any finesse

That and duct tape.

sure can

you can break pretty much anything...

Can you fix anything with a sledge hammer? Sure. Hand me your wrist watch.
But I work for the phone company so I have a lot of experience with circular logic. And yours is circling about "fix" . Suppose instead if was "faites". You could "fix" a misaligned post, wall, support or large object. You could pound a post into the ground. Think of that! Don't forget that a long handled sledge (20 lbs.) or even a short handled one of 5 lbs. makes an excellent murder weapon. In case you want to commit murder, and the sledge has a long history of it. So in that sense it could fix relationships.

If you mean "Neuter", yes! But it's not gonna be pretty!

Sure! I use mine from time to time to fix my sledge when needed.

No but it can make me feel better about anything I broke.