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What information do I need for a oil change at Walmart?

I think I need to have the Vin number, do I need to know the type of oil needed etc? (New car owner)

Look in the owner's manual for the type oil that's required. The shop should have a reference for all the specs of any vehicle they service. If they don't DO NOT hire them. Changing oil for most cars is as simple as bed wetting- a child could do it. Incidentaly, the VIN is attached to the car and you don't have to read it to them unless Stevie Wonder is the mechanic.

you don't need anything...

You don't need anything. They will know everything needed.

*Avoid a tragic disaster by taking your car directly to it's dealer or your favorite *private mechanic for the correct oil and filter change.I have personally seen how Walmart stores their oil filters UNCOVERED on racks. Now we move on to non ASE mechanics changing the oil & filter on your second largest investment.

Nothing. They have a "Master board" that tells them what the usual oil is required for a vehicle of ANY MAKE OR MODEL. Also they know (because I am guessing you are using the nearest Wal~Mart in your area, what oils are to be used at this time of the year.
"What I mean to say, you do not drive to Alaska to have the oil changed there when you live and drive in California - or vice versa" Winter in Alaska is much colder than California so oil weight used will be different.

Also, for the cost of it(which is not much) change the oil filter too.

They know what filter and what oil to use.

The ONLY time this will be different is when you tell them in California, you are heading up to Alaska with the car right now to work.
Then they will give you the Alaska oil change,you know, good to 40 below?
Your VIN is needed for your insurance and to show to a police officer as proof of it being your car and the PARTS DEPARTMENT of a Dealership.

That is it. Basically make an appointment and bring money.

Tell them to be sure to put the oil pan plug back in.

You dont even need the vin number, they will know what type of oil to use

They know everything needed to know to change the oil. Just don't buy tires from Walmart nor Sam'd Club. They won't replace them if they have factory defects. Just road hazards.


the tech shall scan the vin... all the required info shall show up on his system...