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Betta won't eat tropical fish food?

I have a ten gallon with 3 platys and 1 betta I have been feeding them all tetrafin tropical fish food my platys love it but my betta is reluctant to eat it and when he does he sometimes spits it out so today I bought him betta pellets I put them in and he ate them really fast and didn't spit chunks back out should I continue to feed him these or try to put him on tropical fish flakes I would like him to eat tropical so I can just do one feeding but if he won't eat them I'm fine with giving him the betta pellets since I have a full pack. Also will my platys eat betta pellets or should I just continue to feed them separately I would just prefer to feed once all help is appreciated thanks

Bettas do not like tropical flakes. Some will eat pellets, my betta will only eat frozen bloodworms/mysis shrimp/brine shrimp/beef heart. There's no one-kind-fits-all food for bettas and platys together. Different fish/different nutritional needs.

Just using pellets would be fine. Pellets break off into algae and platys mainly consume algae anyway.

Platies and Bettas have very different nutritional needs, so it is best to have separate foods for them.

Bettas are actually carnivores. Your tropical flakes are meant for omnivores, so it will have less protein and more greens than your Betta would do well with nutritionally. So it really best off he didn't eat take to them, as if he did he wouldn't be getting proper nutrition for his species.

Platies are omnivores that do best with a high ratio of greens/veggies and fiber in their diet, and less protein. So general omnivore foods can work for them, like your flakes. Or, once you run out of the food you have, you could get them food like API Tropical Greens or food sold specifically for livebearers.