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We have covered the advantages of racial separatism. Now, what are the disadvantages?

For those who missed it:

Benefits of racial separatism:

1. Islamic threat almost completely neutralised. The majority of Muslims are of foreign races. They will find it extremely difficult to harm us.
2. Racial and demographic invulnerability. No more worrying about the threat of being replaced in our own territory or going extinct. Our racial variant, which, on a general level, is clearly the most physically attractive of all others, so it is the most deserving of preservation.
3. Globalist elite and Cultural Marxist threats neutralised. They want us wiped out. Self-defence is not racism.
4. Miscegenation threat almost entirely eliminated. Racial separatism is the only antidote to this. THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE.
5. Many, many people will be spared being born mixed race. I have heard only miserable and negative experiences from them. They are denied the opportunity of being us! They won't identify with us and be part of the tribe.
6. Peaceful and cohesive societies will return. Homogeneous societies are always more harmonious than heterogeneous ones. (No culture or identity clashes).
7. Alien criminals will be easier to detect. More conspicuous in homogeneous societies.


I think mostly the same, except calling it Racial Separation.
It is separation based on different levels of development and common public standards.
Indeed, the best way for them and us is to be separated, at least for the next 20-50 years.

8. You'd stfu.

Actually, no you wouldn't, you'd just move onto some other squalid subreddit embarrassment.

But if you only have love for your own race
Then you only leave space to discriminate
And to discriminate only generates hate
And when you hate then you're bound to get irate, yeah


No more Indian, Chinese, etc takeaways or restaurants for those who like exotic cuisine. Just like how there's no Mexican or Italian food or restaurants in the UK because we have few Mexican and Italian people living in this country. Oh, hold on. Forget that one. I've just worked out you don't need foreigners to cook foreign food.

Ummm. No more foreign culture to be enriched by. No more Notting Hill festivals?? No more foreign music?? But wait, we have a lot of American culture, music, films, etc (for better or worse) here yet few Americans live in this country. Scratch that.

Okay, seriously, we admittedly would have a staff shortage in the NHS. That's one thing we can't deny is there's a lot of foreign doctors and nurses working for the NHS. I'm personally not a big fan of the NHS for many reasons but most in this country are. A lot of White Brit medics go abroad to Australia, America and other places for better weather or better pay. We seem to be the only European country with this problem. In Spanish, Irish, Norwegian, etc hospitals you will see mainly local Spanish, Irish, Norwegian, etc staff.

There's a claim that many White Brits [chavs] won't do certain jobs or work certain hours, I personally believe harsher benefits cuts are needed to rectify that, not immigration. The Dole shouldn't be a job option but a safety net. Work or starve should be the motto.

I can some benefit in having people from other superior societies around NW Europe or Australia or Japan let's say, but see no advantages whatsoever to having masses of people from inferior cultures and societies, especially Islamic ones like Somalia and Afghanistan. If immigration was cut the market would be forced to adapt. I don't accept the argument that globalism is some unstoppable, irresistible force that we should surrender to. It's a world reality, but one that can be mitigated, and I hope/think Trump will prove that in America.

I'll let you into a little secret - the Human Race started in Africa.

Only that it would cost hundreds of billions of pounds to implement and that complete separatism is unachievable anyway. We could create separate living areas and segregated schools but we still couldn't realistically stop people of different races coming into contact with each other. For instance, most black people who have jobs work for white employers, they will still have to use Council services provided (mainly) by white people and staffed by a variety of races. So various kinds of "race mixing" would still occur.

So you're a babbling moron too poorly educated to know there's no such thing as separate races?
Well, sucks to be you, kid.
Here's what you're too lazy and delusional to go learn for yourself:

'The Invention of Race in the European Middle Ages'
Link -

Reality is that race is just fairy tale nonsense debunked by Science.
Truth is, every person on the planet is direct descendant of the Blacks who migrated out of Africa to populate Europe & the Rest of the World tens of thousands of years ago:

'Europeans were once black: study'
'Ancient European Had Blue Eyes And Dark Skin'
'Original Europeans Were Darker Skinned Africans'
'Europeans were dark-skinned until 8,000 years ago'
'Early Europeans were dark-skinned, research shows'
'Oldest European genome illuminates diverse ancestry'
'Europeans did not inherit pale skins from Neanderthals'
'Black Africans Were The First Europeans, Say Scientists'
'Scientists Reveal the First European Faces Were Not 'White'
'The First (Black) Europeans: The Original Africans Of Europe'
'Europeans were dark-skinned from 40,000 until 8,000 years ago'
'European Gene for Light Skin Evolved Much Later Than Thought'
'DNA Tests Show Ancient European Hunters Were Dark Skinned'
'White Skin Developed in Europe Only As Recently as 8000 Years Ago'

Only race is the Human Race.
Skin colour is as irrelevant to that as hair and eye colour since the same stuff in every Human determines all 3:
Link -

Welcome to Reality. Enjoy your Stay. Visit Often.
And smarten up because people aren't laughing at you for being a comedian.
They're laughing because you're deliberately and wilfully being just another worthless dumb@ss.

how exactly do you define "race"? - I.e what criteria do you use

how do you determine what "race" somebody belongs to? - or what religion?

Since 99% of all americans are immigrants or descended from immigrants what "race" are they?
How many of todays americans have ancestors from several cultures (trump has)?

How would you know somebody's religion?
Only way you are gonna find that out is to ask them
Ever heard of lying?

So how exactly are you gonna separate anybody?


-There will be a lot of unemployed political commenters who presently pander to aggrieved ethnic groups, particularly on radio and television.

-There will be a lot of unemployed government bureaucrats who presently confiscate the earnings of the successful to redistribute as benefits to societal losers. We will have far less need for prison guards. We will all have to think of ways to spend the money no longer seized by taxation.

-Magazines will be thinner without articles repeating the propaganda of multiculturalism and diversity and the evils of intolerance/bigotry/racism.

-Harder to find ethnic food like Chinese and curry.

-Harder to find immigrants seeking a passport who are sexually exploitable.

-Hmm, that’s about it. Clearly the advantages overwhelmingly outweigh the disadvantages, except I really like Chinese and exploiting ethnic immigrants for sex.