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What did people use before toilet paper was invented?

In school they don't really talk about it...

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Although Queen Elizabeth I's godson invented one of the first flush toilets in 1596, commercially produced toilet paper didn't begin circulating until 1857 Today, toilet paper is the most popular "morning paper" in circulation (a bit of old humor).

However, BEFORE toilet paper, people used grass or wide leaves, or rags. Most outhouses (latrines) had old newspapers and magazines/catalogues for use; some even used rags that were thrown out. Out in the woods, people would use stones (if they could not find suitable leaves). Nomadic people were said to use their left hand and wiped their hands on sand or dirt afterward (that's why extending a left hand or using the left hand to hand food is still a taboo for some people, usually descendants of nomadic people). Today, in what is known as bathroom humor, there is a saying, "The job ain't finished 'til the paperwork is done."

They sometimes used leaves, bath towels, basically whatever they had on hand. They didn't have toiletry systems back then, it was simply a hole in a wooden bench (middle ages), and sometimes it was above the dungeons, so someone would use the bathroom while the unfortunate person below would continuously get sht on. Now just imagine the lack of bath systems, nowadays most people take showers after using the bathroom, then they walked around with, well you get the point.

In very early times the outhouses had a stick to wipe with which is where the expression the sh*t end of the stick came from. Muslims use their left hand or in the time of Mohamed clay stones. Some people in the woods use certain leaves from plants. There is a leaf called the velvet leaf which makes good toilet paper as it is large and soft. When I was in France my Hotel which was a cheap hotel had cut up newspaper so I would read the toilet paper sometimes.

Lump of sand / soil, leaves, buckle of tree and water (direct)

Someone else's hand.

In most civilisations, washed with water using the left hand.

Like Muslims do today their hands and water

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in most civilisations, washed with water using the left hand...

in most civilisations, washed with water using the left hand.........