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I want to live as if it were the 1970s.?

I am a 15 year old boy and absolutely love the 1970's. I want my own house to have 70s decor. I already only watch television show from that time i.e. Porridge (B.B.C.), Citizen Smith (B.B.C.).

I want to know how I can live my now 2017 life as if it were the 1970s.

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Smoke hash instead of weed and shoot up on speed instead of snorting coke.

Well, first you'll have to get rid of your smartphone, computers, etc., and not use Yahoo, since none of those things existed in the 70s.

well, i'm afraid you'd have to give up the internet, and any devices like mobile phones, ipods etc. you might wear 70s fashions and have a 70s haircut, if you don't mind people teasing you about it as they might. you might find that a disaadavantage. Personally, while I think it's great to enjoy 70s Tv shows (many of my favourites are 70s shows), it might get a bit boring to never be able to watch anything newer.

Fear communism, fear bombings

Nothing says seventies a reel to reel or eight-track tape deck and some really big speakers. There is a lot of vintage stereo gear out there.

If you had been alive in the 70s you might not feel the same way. Me - I'd go back to the fifties in a heartbeat! But I hated the 60s and the 70.


But u would have no iPhone or facebook

no computers, no internet, no mobile phones, 3 channels on tv, no cds, no mp3 players, no calculators

tvs cost a lot (compared to what you earned)

tv screens 21 inch

tvs black and white, no colour (until mid 70's)

you really want to go back to the 70's?

you have to get rid of all the gadgets, computers, mobile phones etc, can you do that?