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Do you think we should allow women to give birth do defective human beings?

Diane said we should abort defective human beings and I do agree with her. They are no use so society (well duh) and cause a strain on our limited resources.

Look at it this way; when you're old and flat on your *** drooling wearing diapers, should we kill you for using resources? You must be taking up time to ask a foolish question like that so if you're not being productive, should you be killed? At least special needs people work in life. They get jobs and are great people. They're still human and you obviously don't care about that at all. And it's the woman'S decision. But even then, it's technically murder because it would be killing another innocent life.

You're the defective one here. Go to hell.

Not all disabilities and mental illnesses can be detected before birth, you ignorant judgmental jackhole. For instance, I have ADHD, and am considered "defective", but you CAN'T detect ADHD before the age of seven. Are you telling me you'd terminate the life of a seven year old CHILD? I surely hope not

I don't think so!!! Giving birth to my little girl whom you would consider defective is and watching her grow up has taught me to love again!!!! She loves everyone even the scum like you who hate people like her! You are the defect!!! I didn't know about any of my problems til after she was born!!! People like her still deserve to enjoy life I pay out of pocket for care and I am a single mother with no family to help!!! So shut your mouth!!! It will always be the mother of the child who decides to go for life or against God's plans!!!

Of course! Her and father's child did not tresspass Mom's body--daughter/son was procreated there by her/his parents. If they did something wrong, it's their mistake, not their child's.
Appling illogic to post-born humans--then officialdom should discontinue life of humans who suffer accident or illness!

First i hope you never have kids, second you were born so why would it be different for someone else, third some of the brightest minds are from people with some form of disability. Unless the child will live just to suffer, i believe everyone should have a chance at a life.

P.S: your a butt

Op is unable to obtain a full time job.

too late- you have already been born

is this otto, by any chance

update 2: well i do not have any disabilities... i go university, work part-time and do voluntary work...

update 3: i also ride a bike, use renewable energy, recycle, grow my own fruit and veg, use left over food for compost, take old clothes to a textile factory and shop in charity shops...

i provide free tuition to kids who are terrible at maths, literacy and science, mainly those from disadvantage backgrounds...


how numerous hours is there in one of your days and i'm not talking about the days when your as high as a kite...

and my answer to your disgusting repulsive question is a resounding yeah and no to aborting them...

It depends how "defective" but if they would be incapable of living anything approaching a normal life and would have to be permanently supported by state funding which could be better spent elsewhere it does seem selfish for the woman not to have an abortion. My wife's friend has a grown up child who has the intellect of a baby and has to wear nappies and I wonder what's the point of her life and why as a taxpayer am I contributing to her care.