News & Events » Current Events » US Liberals sign petition to add Bigfoot to the endangered species list. Ahahaha! Your thoughts?

US Liberals sign petition to add Bigfoot to the endangered species list. Ahahaha! Your thoughts?

Can you believe that people like this claim to be intellectually superior to us?

How do you know they're liberals? How do you know they're political? How do you know they're educated?

You're making a lot of assumptions for someone who's trying to point the finger at someone making assumptions.

And you know they are all Liberals because.......

Bet most didn't realise the guy with the clipboard was talking about Big Foot, also reckon some signed out of sympathy as he looks like a care in the community patient. Maybe you should try it, see if people give you any sympathy too?!

Mark Dice is a right-wing troll you dipstick.
If anyone signed his silly petition (and I only watched the first few seconds it was so silly) it was because they were being polite, and wanted to get away from a obvious lunatic. Been there myself.
This is a typical example of seriously warped thinking.

Look, unless he asked them how they voted before they signed, there is no evidence whatsoever that they were liberals. I suspect that right wingers who believe in conspiracy theories are far more likely to believe in imaginary creatures being hidden in Area 51 secret base, guarded by alien invaders.
Logical fallacy.
The video does not prove what you say it does.
For your info, and a little bit of recent history, arch conservative Ronald Reagan started out as the governor of California.

No, only people who believe such fake news.

Ha. Phuking morons.

Look at corny and catrin defending the indefensible. How sweet.

Liberals are taking the 'piss', something you wouldn't understand, you being a republican square.

But its not half as funny as the tw@ts who believe these fake, made up, plucked out of thin air news stories, whether they're on YouTube or not, you don't actually believe any of that cr@p do you, for fuks sake.

I wonder how many of those who were asked were stooges, most if not all of em I bet.

I'd laugh, if liberals enjoyed a sense of humour but they are probably serious.