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CE there must be someone in at Yahoo or the site would cease functioning?

So why is no one giving a damn about CE? Outside agencies must reading all the dung on here, all the harassment, hate crimes and more yet nothing is done. What exactly has to happen before it gets shut down or people are arrested?

Below is the recommendation and reference answer for question "CE there must be someone in at Yahoo or the site would cease functioning?" It was collected and sorted by the editor of this site but not sure the answer is entirely accurate.

YEAH, Yahoo is the wild west. I think this poor old company is so far up side track, like a forgotten rural railway, no one cares any more. Now if the wrote the garbage they write here on Facebook......

take a cup of concrete and harden up if you don't like something feel free to leave at any time. What sort of cockhead are you people arrested? No one is asking or making you come here. Don't let the door hit you on the way out if you don't like something.

There seems to be less of the advertising that used to be intermingled with the answers so there must be companies that give a damn and don't want their products associated with the xenophobia, islamophobia, homophobia and all the other crap. CE is only a part of Yahoo and they probably figure the money they save by not employing moderators more than comnpensates for the loss in advertising revenue.

Yahoo have ceased to care, they just want to sell out the business, this site is a minor part anyway, they just ignore it I think...

They seem to have the time to post rubbish on Twitter, so there must be some staff.


While there is traffic on the site they don't give a damn. It's our fault really as we should all stop using it.

Quite frankly my dear Yahoo no longer gives a damn, it is just a competition as to who can be the most vile, and it seems some saddos would be proud to win it

Maybe it has just been forgotten about and is running on some server in an office. It's more like a tap that's been left on, it could remain on until someone turns it off.

There was a website where you could set up your team for a basket ball tournament, no one turned it off and it was still active 10 years later

You love it really, we all do, especially as the light is on......

And by the way, for those who're a bit thicker than the rest of us, the clues to my answer are in the song.