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Corrine or Corinne?

I'm having a baby girl. I love the name but I don't know what spelling is better... I want it pronounced ku-RIN. Also, any middle name ideas? I like Alexandria. But I'm open to other options.


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Anytime I hear this name I think of Corinne from the bachelor and I cringe. I liked this name, until I watched her on the bachelor. Sorry, stupid reason lol. It's still a good name.


Corrine Jade or Corrine Jazabel


I know someone who has this name but she spells it Karinne

Definitely Corinne. I like how it looks more than the other, and I also think it makes it more clear that it's supposed to be pronounced "ku-RIN" spelled this way.



I've always seen it spelled as Corinne...

Have you seen the Bachelor??? Please don't!!!!

Corinne Alexandria