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Do you salt your watermelon or tomatoes?

I grew up salting my watermelon because that's what my grandma did :) Same with tomatoes. I always get weird looks from people, so I'm wondering how many others do it too.


I grew up that way also especially watermelon but today I don't put salt on it. We even salted apples.

I love salt on tomatoes but don't like watermelon anyway but would not think it would be improved by adding salt.

Although anything with seeds inside is considered a fruit we usually use tomatoes as a vegetable and I put salt on vegetables and, if needed, a little sugar on some fruits.

Watermelon; no, never.

Tomatoes; yes. Also a little black pepper too.

I recall someone sprinkling sugar on her tomatoes. I asked why and she said it was to reduce the acidity. Each to their own i guess.

I salt both too because my parents did. I think most people just salt tomatoes though. They don't know what they're missing! Your grandmother sounds amazing! LOL

ummm no lol
tomatoes yeah
but watermelon is sweet

"Absolutely"!! It brings out the flavor.

I was never taught to do this while growing up so I still don't salt hardly anything....because, I love to taste the food - NOT the spices.

i salt both too 'cause my parents did... i think most people just salt tomatoes though... they don't know what they're missing! your grandmother sounds amazing! lol

I always salt the tomatoes but never the watermelon. Actually this is the first time that i hear about salting watermelons. Aren't they sweet? I eat them as dessert. Why salt them? Weird.