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Why am I afraid of my classmates?

Why do I try to be as nice as I can be to them by giving out my notes and stuff when they never bother me to keep in their group? When they need any help, I'm always there but when I need company, and I ask them, all they reject me with some sarcastic answers? Even my childhood best friend left me because of those people? What did I do to deserve this? Why am I so frightened to ask them something and terrified to go to college anymore? I could end this by quitting college but my society will NEVER accept an uneducated person, neither could I accept myself. I just want some peace.

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Awe you don't deserve that! I feel the same way! You need to go and push through it. People can be so mean and rude but you need to be yourself. Ik I sound like a normal adult but honestly it's so tough to go to school every day knowing people don't like you. Just take it one day at a time and ignore anyone who try's to think less of you

I don't know your '' story '' but you've probably been made fun of or treated like crap by your classmates? That would explain it, or maybe you just have social phobia, either way, why don't you talk to a therapist? It might help. Also, avoid a.ssholes and all the '' intimidating '' people in school, don't hang out with the wrong crowd.

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Hello. I am actually in college right now too. I wouldn't worry too much about your classmates. Focus on why you are there. Try not to force making new friends (they'll come in their due time). And personally, I would respect you the same if you dropped out of college. Just make sure it's because YOU want to and not to avoid things you can't control. You are an awesome person and don't belittle yourself for anyone! You are strong enough to on the challenge instead. And it's definitely okay to relax and have time to yourself at times we are all human.

I think they treat you like this because they don't respect you really. I've been there oh.. I've been there badly. Now I'm 19 freshman in college and I put up a new face since I don't know anyone in my college and I feel much more respected. Do things because you want to not because anybody forced you or even if u feel obligated to. It's a matter of how much I respect yourself. If you do that first people will respect you. Develop some sort of inner peace balance yourself you can still be nice but be firm really be yourself and the right people will come.

Pleasing behaviour often underlies a basic insecurity and desperate need to be liked which often causes such a person to be used. Try to place a higher value on yourself and learn to say no. You may never be accepted in this particular group but with a little assertiveness and higher self esteem it will not be long before you find friends.

Though it can bring on stress, be a loner, forget about them all, ignore them, do your own thing and don't share.

Here to help.
Stop being nice. They think of you as a desperate pathetic person who will make friends with anyone. Here is what you do.
Come to school with snacks and pass them off to a few people you think are the closest to friendly enough. Your acquaintances will notice this and shame you into submission into giving them some too. Do not whatever you do let them win that taking advantage of your kindness. Say to them, "this person or these people are cool" and just continue on like you were. They will try to shame you, but then cease to in realization that they have to be cool to you to get your approval. They will test you for weakness for popularity. Do not give in. Stick with the cool people. In time, they will start to respect you for holding your grounds as a person like them. Find out common interests in the group your in and don't be too into what their talking about. 3 sentences per topic in relations and let them continue till they change the subject. Hope this helps.