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Poll: do I have a nice ašš?

How come she can use the word *** and nobody else can? And yes she has a nice one.

My dog has a better looking one.

Thank God for the beauty he has blessed you with. I believe that you can be beautiful without showing off your body. Society tells ladies that you need to show off your body to be beautiful. I do not believe in what society said. I believe that beauty comes from your heart and not your body appearance. I believe beauty is how a lady dresses,takes care of her body, health,treats herself, family, friends, co-workers, or a strainger. I would be a beautiful confidant lady and you will do well in life. I hope this is helpful. Thank you,Russell

why are you showing your a ss on the internet???

I bet when the guys know your coming to the laundromat there bringing in already clean clothes just to see that person who doesn't know she's naked from the waist down....God your pityful

What the **** is that

who cares....cover it up