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The Catcher in the Rye help?

If you were to write a letter to your principal stating whether they should accept/don't accept Holden Caulfield in the upcoming school year what would you say? If yes, why?

Are you saying that the Catcher in the Rye isn't allowed or it's just not in the included reading? Or are you not allowed to write a paper on it? You're not clear.

Anyway, it's an American Classic. It was assigned reading in my school.

First of all, only 1 person can make a positive reinforcement to mad a tremendous difference that you stood up for what you believe in. So yes, first letter needs to be 1st draft until the final letter a letter that stands out all letters that r submitted your letter will be the best letter you write. Avoid asking another person for words but depend on Jesus Christ will be more than willing to see what will happen if the school officials not to put The Catcher in the Rye come to screeching halt that your offer will be the best answer to a situation comes down that your letter will be considered the most treasured letter has a very good chance to let you make more decision because you will step out of your comfort zone but just trust Jesus Christ helps those who help themselves. Thank you for your question.

Hmm! Good book