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What does respect mean?

Despite your differences, you always respect what others value/think/etc. A must for relationships.

Respect is all I can ask you for
Respect is everything
Respect overcome any obstacles
With respect any relationship can survive
everything else I have no right, regardless deserve it or not
mutual and multiple respect spread into the world
I quoted: Respect is good and i like it, and added, want it.
perhaps should i said is the only thing i demand

I truly, dearly , and nearly devote it in small amount of appreciation thats connect with it
you cant deny not to afford it
Cause when you cant afford it you're being disrespectful

Respect your fellow man certainly cost you nothing
you have no excuse when you break that line
now is up to the opponent to feel merciful towards you
and perhaps forgive your inconsideration, but totally up to his judgment
cause your crossed a whats considered sacred to man, that boundaries
its unadvised for anyone to be disrespectful, so help you GOD
The consequences should go unpunished
its a passive self-defense against ones, soul, mind, and body
Like mentioned before, its everything,
just the admission of ones part favorable its negligence
Its unconsidered reflection to the outcome

Give me my sword for I'm about to carve my name onto your body
So the pain felt upon your mind and soul its an res-gate, your retribution, silently you must remain
For you should be scar for as long as you live
and if one day miraculously you rid your scar
you will go through the same or perhaps a worse pain you went through the first time
Man was indulged since the very beginning filled with pride, and most are rely on respect
Strong word? yes, yet with a very thin layer , the layer of abomination
on which lays the path of life and the unknown reason
conscious self-existence but unawareness bind delusional
self -observance shouldn't be stirred, or you'd be disappointed
Don't love me, don't like me, our indifference is acceptable and comprehensible
But I never told you don't respect me, for i should be a scum...
Strangers, new, and old acquaintances, aren't excluded, neither are close and loved ones
But the level of forgiveness its almost its equivalent
the only difference is that Man are naturally inclined to the evil

Disrespect is everything I hate, is the contrary of everything i love
with respect usually come its prerogatives word, something to stick with
and when i tell you this I meant it for I brought it out with my own words.
Now. foolishness, I know is close to your heart, and so is everything else

by Tonny Gomes