Politics & Government » Politics » How many of you actually believed that President Obama was coming for your little guns?

How many of you actually believed that President Obama was coming for your little guns?

You were scammed!

Please be honest.

Oh, my uninformed little one, if you think the Communist leaning Democrat Leaders are going to stop trying that, you have a screw loose.

ok.... now do "keeping your doctors".... "ending the wars".... and "putting terrorists on trial in the USA"...

oh.... did you know that cost of guns and ammunition has risen considerably over the last 8 years... with the largest increases seen on the most-common types (i.e. the ones most-commonly used by everyday Americans)..?

...of COURSE you didn't...

Everyone in those red states.

He would have if he could have. He just didn't have the guts.

There were too many to count, as shown by the people that voted for Trump on that issue only. Too many people with no reason to fear anyone denying them a gun were afraid they might get restrictions on getting them. I asked one guy Why he was afraid? Are you a convicted Felon? or Mentally Ill? , NO on both, Then why the fear? Well they read NRA crap that said they would get restrictions on people getting guns whenever they wanted them . But They agreed that felons and the mentally Ill shouldn't have guns, Go Figure.

If you read his essays and hear him speak before he ran for President, it was most certainly a pet project of his, or to at least make it so hard to own one or purchase ammunition that they would in effect be rendered useless.
So yes, I believe he wanted them, or at least lay the groundwork to further that cause.


the first thing to do to control the people is to take the guns away.thats where they cant fight back.lets see that is what hilter did,cuba,russia,etc....

I didn't

He was c-umming for his wife.