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How do i cope with people's perfect lives?

seeing people living the perfect life makes me question the purpose of life...what's the point of living if will be constantly reminded about the things i will never have?...

they say life is a gift.. yeah sure..if you're parents are rich or life works out for you great...what about for the rest of us? we didn't ask to be born and certainly didn't ask to have a crappy life, what are we suppose to do?

No one is perfect

Everyone has their own challenges, if it is justice you're looking for, you can be assured that people undeserving do not have a better quality of life than you no matter how good it looks on the outside. If it is jealousy you feel, remember that perfection is an illusion and everyone has their secrets, you are only looking at the good side they want you to see

If someone's life looks perfect, it may just mean they are really good at covering up a huge mess.

Also remember that a lot of famous wealthy successful people actually came from nothing. Their parents were not wealthy or even good parents! And that drove the person to fight as hard as possible to be successful. So it is possible to have what they have. A lot of those people also prayed and asked God to make them successful. And God clearly answered their prayers. Christian or not, God wrote a Destiny for all of us. Ask Him to release yours.

I had the exact thought you had when the girl I liked rejected me. And so every time I go to work when I see her I am constantly reminded of what I don't get to have in life. But I also thought that to "THINK" is a lie unto life. Life will always be the way it is and our thoughts are so separate from reality that it is like white and blue. Two different things, there is no such thing as a "class" or "race". And we get depressed over man made concepts that should never even control us in the first place. Furthermore, if that was what you desire than you should work hard towards it. I personally feel that to sit there and stew in your negative thoughts is a "choice".

Well, anon', first we could sharpen up our English skills. Coincidentally, that does impress employers, which can lead to a good job/career, and the "perfect life" you seem to desire because it involves "things." Personally, Tad does not believe that life should be all about "things" - instead, it is about being happy, and doing good things for others. Wealth is only perfection for some. To waste time in worry over what was does not have is a fool's game; the best aim is to strive for that perfection, or readjust your definition of a perfect life. Peace.

Having material things will not make you happy. Happiness is a state of mind
that exists inside your head. Take those movie stars, for instance. Always
breaking up, getting divorced. On drugs, having to go to rehab. Getting plastic
surgery trying to hold on to their youth, instead of growing old gracefully.
It just goes to show that they value the wrong things. Some of them have
assistants and maids, and as a result the monster comes out in them, and
they forget how to treat people, and start ordering them around. Be glad of
your humble ways, it's much more becoming. I don't know if you're religious,
but God likes humble people better too ! Whether you're a believer, or not,
the Bible does have some worthwhile philosophies to live by.

By realizing that nobodies life is perfect.

No matter how it seems everyone has issues, insecurities and other stresses.

Start realizing they don't have perfect lives.

you sound like a weak-minded, immature person... grown-ups don't obsess over the lives of others...
if you're not happy with your situation, put on your big boy pants and make a change... go to school, get a degree, then get a tefl certificate and move to a country with a tropical beach... happiness achieved...

there's plus sides and negative sides to every life - nobody really has it better than anyone else, even people who are rich and everything seems to work out for them... people that seem to have it all no doubt look at you and feel envious that nobody notices your mistakes and that you're in a position to work yourself up and surprise people, while they can only go down and disappoint people...