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What was the job of a colonel in the Wild West?

I guess what I would like to know is, if asked would he have accompanied a cattle drive out of Texas? Thx

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Colonel is a military designation - it doesn't apply anywhere else except maybe as a nickname for someone who just left the service.

A colonel was someone in the military, not a cattle rancher. The only way someone called "colonel" would have been involved in cattle ranching is if he were retired military. People who have received the rank of colonel are entitled to that title even after they've retired. That's why you hear so many retired colonels still being called colonel.

Custer was a colonel in the US cavalry earned his spurs in the Civil War and became a general famous for his foolhardy bravery he met his demise at the Little Big Horn

No. He would have been in command of an Amy garrison, charged with keeping the local natives (Indians) under control.