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What is your favourite ww2 era tank?

I don't like tanks.

Panther G

Panzer IV

The best overall tank, was the Russians t-34. Though I did hear it had transmission/shifting problems.

The Germans Panther & Tigers were good fighting tanks. Though their issue(s) - they were over engineered & broke down a lot. And when that happened, they had to be hauled back to a maintenance yard.

The American Sherman was reliable & available in huge numbers. When it broke down, the crews could fix it & resolve a lot of issues.

It was the Panther until I saw a show on restoring tanks. Then I learned how hard they were to maintain. Now the Tiger. Best compromise between maintainability and protection.


The one's that didn't get blown up...!!!!!! And the men that lived to survive manning them....


Who cares about tanks , give me a kittenkrad anyway

Hard to say. The KV-1 is interesting to me because the Germans had such a difficult time with it when they first encountered the beast, in addition to the T-34. Those two undoubtedly had the greatest impact on the war.

I also tend to find the lesser known tanks interesting, like flame tanks such as the M3 "Satan" or Churchill "Crocodile." The Satan was a dedicated flame tank while the Crocodile was a standard Churchilll with the flamethrower replacing the forward mounted machine gun. It could spray a stream of petroleum, which would splash through bunkers or the slits in armored vehicles, then follow with a fire burst, igniting the liquid fuel from the initial spray. Supposedly the Germans hated this tank so much that they would summarily execute any crew members rather than take them prisoner - they also feared it enough that many also surrendered immediately when they saw the tank headed their way.