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I'm 13 and I just found out I'm pregnant what do I do?

3 and I just found out that I am pregnant and my best friend is the only one who knows my boyfriend (baby dady) doesn't know I am afraid of what his reaction will be my parents have no idea and I am not sure what to do please help!? I'll try to respond to every ones comment.

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I am her sister and I found her pregnancy test and asked she told me her boyfriend is 17 1/2 and he took it to far with her he was my boy friend first and I am also to blame for that I am trying to help her but the more she reads the horrible comments The more she try to hurt her self

I honestly suggest abortion. You're very young, and the reason extremely young females like yourself shouldn't be having sex is because of the problems that can come with pregnancy at that age. If you carry through with a pregnancy its likely that your baby will suffer come kind of birth defect, and you will be negatively impacted as well. You have to tell your parents. You have to let this experience change the way you think and do things. I know its hard, but be strong, you can do it! Let this awful experience make you better and PLEASE don't have sex until your body is mature. Your body is yours, but don't risk pregnancy.

Don't be afraid, you're not the only one in this, do it's on your on terms, and with your parents, yes they will be upset and maybe angry but they will still love you and they will forgive you. You need to let them have time once you tell them, and remind your parents if they blame it on you that it's takes 2 to create a baby, I hope everything goes well, if you need anything just email me.

Be afraid and get abortion you are just 13

I was a young mom 16. The first thing you do is tell your parents. They will still love you. You have several options and your parents can help you. They also may be able to help you tell the baby's daddy and his parents assuming he's a minor.

Im sorry for you, but its not the babys fault for you and your boyfriend are responsible now for this baby, dont let anyone tell you to abort, I saw my baby at two months ultra sound, he was all ready formed perfectly he was moving his little hands and feet like he was playing and here i was in the doctors office trying to get rid of it, i always herd its just a seed at certain weeks not formed yet its not true, i felt so bad when i seen him moving he was happy, I was horrified I felt like a murderer If the doctor would not have put the computer screen for me to see I would not found out, how alive he was, what was i going to to, that made me decided to have him no matter what, nothing really mattered now, you have to face the consequences for the sake of saving your baby, once I had him I was very happy that I did, and you will be also very happy, he is such a blessing, This was an accident that i got pregnant, the best thing to do is to never have sex until you are married prepared to have a baby its not a paper you can throw away in the trash its a human being, I assure you will be very happy when you see that baby when he is out youre gonna love him so much, and remember its very expensive to raise a child but their is help everywhere, you wont be alone, guys and girls anyone having sex even when using protection its not 100 percent accidents happen you can still get pregnant no matter what protection you are using, older persons understand when someone is pregnant talk to your parents because you are just 13 they are the only ones that will help you because they love you and wouldnt want anything bad to happen to you. Trust Them.

I would suggest abortion I know people make such a big deal about it and yes it's an emotional thing but your so young garentee you will not be with guy forever and your whole life will change drastically you will give up any fun probably college you may even have to give up the grade of school your in now you will lose all your friends you will never get to have fun in your twentys and you will ruin your body from the one guy you had sex with who will probably not be around to see the baby after a year or two. Tell your parents asap confess up it will be worth it in the long run

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First you should tell him and let him know second if u don't want to have it try a waist trainer or get drunk and do things to prevent from having it...

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