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🍒Historically speaking, when has violence solved a problem?

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Never.....may have scared 😨 people into submission for a while but just simmers in the background and bursts forth again.

Every time


Nothing but bringing more of the same. With the exception of the wars commanded by God against the enemies of the Israeli (when they were loyal to Him) and those in which He sent his saints to save the Christianity (the new people of God), like in the Battle of Lepanto where the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe was present to defeat the Turks who wanted to exterminate all the catholics.


Every war ever fought in national defense

It never has as wars keep going on- they end one and start another. It does not solve problems between individuals either.

1776 american Independance

winning WW1 WW2 which made America Rich

the best is the Falklands

and the British would never have left Ireland if Not Pushed

What problem? Maniac swinging a chainsaw? Violence solves that.
a=(65-46)(25-8) might insight violence, but isn't solved by it.

1776 american independance

winning ww1 ww2 which made america rich

the proper is the falklands

and the british would never have left ireland if not pushed

it all depends on what you think the problem is...

american revolution
french revolution
civil war
russian revolution
chinese civil war
cuban revolution