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Would you guys mind sending me some money?

Hi, I'm Jin. I am 19 years old almost 20 and still phoneless. lol. I have been saving up for a phone for about a year and a half. I still have some bills to pay so its quite difficult for me to save enough money to buy one plus a phone plan. I'm planning to get the cheapest plan there is out there, but i'm still 130$ short. It's difficult to get things done in college without a phone. So I'm asking this beautiful community for help. Would guys mind giving me some money? ;p
My paypal is :

Thanks a lot, even if you didn't give thank you for reading my story! :)

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If you're SO poor then apply for a lifeline assistance phone. But if you're so gluttonous that you just HAVE to have a really expensive phone, and go as far as beg for money from strangers, get help fool. Material things don't matter. Stay in school and get a job so you learn morals and stop being self centered.


nah i'll pass

yeah, i would mind... píss off, this is not a begging-bowl nor is it a crowdfunding site...

go to walmart... spend $75...00 for a pre-paid phone & unlimited minutes for the first month... quit whining

I see places that offer free cell phones and minutes


you can get a prepaid phone for $100 you dont need $130 more for that

nah i'll pass